3 Simple Techniques You Can Do To Improve Sales

Whether you are a new product entering the market or a well-established brand, there is always room for improvement to generate more sales. Here are 3 Simple Techniques You Can Do To Improve Sales.

The Top 5 Mistakes of businesses attempting US Retail Entry

Over the past five years, many companies have eyed the US Retail market as an opportunity for sales expansion and profitability. However, according to recent NVCA (National Venture Capital Association) statistics, less than five percent of these companies are successful in gaining revenues and market share within their first year. Interestingly, an even smaller percentage continue to pursue US Retail business after year one.

Cost of Doing Business with QVC

For entrepreneurs, small business owners and inventors, QVC presents an incredible opportunity to gain worldwide exposure. This particular home shopping network broadcasts 24 hours a day, 364 days a year, is seen in 195 million homes worldwide and is a $8.5 billion-a-year business. But there are some costs you need to know upfront to make sure you can “Pay To Play”