RMS gets Korean Nai-B and Putti Atti into Buy Buy Baby

Koreative, the importer of Nai-B and Putti Atti baby products, is headed to Buy Buy Baby stores as a result of meeting a buyer during a trade show in October. Once again, having the vendor number was crucial in getting products accepted to stores quickly.

RMS gets SkinYoga into Costco

The 100% natural skincare company, SkinYoga, saw a direct benefit of Kompuguard’s long and productive relationship with Costco. Due to Kompuguard’s Costco vendor number, SkinYoga saw an expedited sale and entrance into Costco stores around the country.

RMS gets Fashonit into Dillards

Fashionit, a socially conscious wearable tech and fashion brand, experienced a welcomed surprise during talks with Dillards. By having an existing Dillards vendor number, it allowed easier access to the Electronics buyer, making for a faster decision and allowing the brand to expand its business.

RMS gets EverSmile into CVS

A trade show meeting with a CVS buyer in August 2017 opened an opportunity for EverSmile, a patent-pending whitening product. With an existing CVS vendor number, EverSmile was warmly received and expedited to retail shelves where it will soon be brightening smiles.

RMS gets Skin Yoga into Dillards

During a successful meeting between RMS and the buyer, the India-based owner of SkinYoga, a 100% natural skincare brand, joined the discussion and presented their brand. Thanks to the owner’s expert knowledge of the product, they were able to close the deal with Dillards during the meeting.