We believe in our 3 F’s: Fashion, Function and Friendship. We love fashion prints and designing new and innovative products. If you come into our office you would see that we live and breath fashion!

We also believe that each item should have a function to make your life easier. No matter if it’s wearable tech to allow you to stay connected(we all know what it’s like to be at the airport and get stuck without a charger OMG ) or the perfect travel bag that folds into a little bag that allows you to splurge and avoid extra bag fees.

The Third F reflects Friendship and our commitment to giving back to our society and those who are not as fortunate.We feel blessed to participate in making the world a better place by donating proceeds of sales to SOS Children’s Villages helping oprhan kids around the world by providing them a loving home. Help us spread love in the world and join us in fashioning up a better world!


AnkleMax™ is a patent pending and clinically proven device that helps prevent sprained ankles, high ankle sprains and ankle injury. After simple installation on the outside of each shoe, AnkleMax™ begins to absorb the anterior point of impact before a critical injurious angle is reached. Simply put, AnkleMax™ acts as a barrier between the anterior lower edge of the foot and an opposing hard surface in order to lessen the probability of an interior ankle sprain and or break. A recent study by the Center for Human Performance in San Diego found that AnkleMax™ significantly reduced the risk of rolling one’s ankle during sports activities. AnkleMax™ can help minimize the risk of an already weakened ankle from rolling again causing even more damage.

Disney Fine Art

Magical Memories featuring Disney Fine Art is the premier dealer of a diverse portfolio of limited edition, hand signed, and numbered fine artwork by some of the world’s most popular artists, inspired by the rich artistic heritage of Disney.

Disney Fine Art published by Collectors Editions consists of only the finest quality giclees, serigraphs, lithographs, mixed media prints and original paintings in the art market today.

The gallery features both limited edition and original artwork from notable Disney artists such as Trevor Carlton, James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, Manuel Hernandez, Rob Kaz, Tennessee Loveless, James C. Mulligan, Tim Rogerson, John Rowe, Michelle St. Laurent, Jim Salvati, as well as Disney Legends Peter Ellenshaw and Paige O’Hara.

Additionally, the gallery features a selection of Disney animation art and Disney themed toys and collectibles both vintage and new.